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Posted by Marissa Anastasi on

Who made your clothes? And other important questions you should ask before you shop

If you’re reading this we’re guessing you’re already aware of a (long overdue) ethical consciousness that’s currently sweeping the fashion industry. Fast fashion, throwaway fashion, cant-believe-your-eyes-it’s-so-cheap fashion are all terms that, not so long ago, made most of us very excited. I mean, who doesn’t love a bargain! But, as the adage says, if something seems too good to be true - if the price is insane, if the trends hit the shelves too quickly, and if, ultimately, you don’t care about what you’ve just bought because it’s only worthy of a one-wear wonder - then it usually is. Cue some pretty important warning bells. For the fashion industry, these cheap prices mean cheap wages, and cheap wages mean people are being forced to live lives we would, quite frankly, be appalled by. They also often mean unsafe working conditions which tragedies like the unforgettable Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh is dark reminder of - the collapse of the building in 2013 killed more than a thousand garment industry workers and injured thousands more. A high price to pay for a cheap price tag.

This movement is being spearheaded by Fashion Revolution who ask brands to make the right manufacturing decisions and to stand by them with the socially aware #WhoMadeMyClothes - it’s a necessary and meaningful organisation. Go check them out.