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About Us

Why I started Jellyfish Kids Larnaca

I first became aware of a complete lack of nice children's wear when i moved here in 2017. I have four children and could never find them nice outfits other than your standard high street shops and I was also was fed up with the clothes looking a million years old once they had been few a couple of washes. Looking through my kids wardrobes, I had some pieces of clothing that I bought in London and had them for a couple of years now and surprisingly they still looked as good as when i bought them and were still the same shape!!! To no surprise, the clothes that lasted the test of time were organically made. The clothes are only a little more expensive then high street but cheaper than designer and the clothes are just beautifully made. Some of my favourite brands also have such unique designs that you just can't find on the high street. 

Organic was the way forward......we spend so much time being careful what foods we eat and where it originated from, so maybe we should open our eyes to what gets sprayed on our little ones clothes and where the cottons are made before they go onto our children's skin....all day!!