Micro knee Pads Black

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Absolute protection with style! 
Set with 2 knees and 2 eyelets Provides 
unique edge protection in the event of a fall 
Soft lining made of hypoallergenic foam 
Hard outer casing of high strength and durability 
With elastic lashing clips for maximum stability and comfort 
Ideal edge protection for all ages 
Funky drawings for boys and girls 
Three fantastic colors: pink, blue and black


Micro® roller skates have been awarded for the safety they offer. The 3 Mini and Maxi wheels offer unique stability and minimize the fall. But why not be 100% sure? 
The Micro® pocket / cuff set gives you the most carefree stroll for both young and old. They have a soft lining made of hypoallergenic fabric and a cushion that is friendly to the baby's skin and does not irritate it. The stretch strap fastening straps provide unique stability and ease of placement. Their outer casing is particularly hard and durable to withstand and protect.
The Micro® knee pads and eyelids are specially designed to provide unique comfort and not make it difficult to move the edges and joints.